“Smart Techno Trading” company- is the system integrator, which provides a range of services in design, installation and maintenance of complex engineering systems. Nowadays engineering solutions has become the part of the any organization, importance of which is hard to overestimate. Reliable performance of security systems and automation provide workflow companies in every second. “Smart Techno Trading” company implements projects at the Ukrainian market, which provides integration of security systems and life support systems of the building.

Our company – is the professional staff and advanced range of products. Operational decisions, quick response to market changes and careful attention to every client – the most important conditions for successful development.

We offer innovative products and integration solutions in the following areas:

  • Video surveillance

    Video surveillance – this is one of the most reliable ways to protect your property. Because video recording of all events, if necessary, would be the best evidence in dispute.

  • Access control

    System of access control system (ACS) today an integral part of the integrated security systems. ACS allows you to restrict, regulate, streamline access to various rooms, while fixing information about the movements for later use.

  • Security alarm systems

    Automatic system for the reliable detection of unauthorized access to a protected object and activating alert and response system of intrusion.

  • Public Address & Congress systems

    Conference system – is a complex of equipment which allows you to conveniently and effectively conduct joint meetings, seminars and discussions. The objectives of the conference system is to enhance the voice of the speaker, and the regulation and control of the discussion through a variety of modes of operation.

  • Structured Cabling Systems

    Structured Cabling System (SCS) – is a physical basis of the infrastructure of the building, which allows integrate into a single system a variety of network-based information services for different purposes: local computer and telephone systems, security systems, video surveillance, etc. Typically, these services are considered under certain enterprise service.

  • Networks

    “Smart Techno Trading” company  provides the services of audit, designing, building, and outsourcing networks of any level – from the small office to the construction of the service provider’s network. In our solutions we use equipment from global industry leaders: Cisco, HP, Juniper, RAD, Alcatel-lucent.

  • Telephony

    Telephony is an essential voice communications for the office, which involves low cost calls, secure connection and easy configuration. Our company is successfully implementing projects of the construction analog and IP telephony systems.

  • Virtualization

    Virtualization allows you to increase the efficiency of IT-infrastructure components, by reducing the number of physical servers and consolidating computing resources of IT-infrastructure. Virtualization ensures lower costs of IT-infrastructure, including the cost of software and hardware.

  • Nurse call systems

    High technology ward alarm system provides instant call medical staff in emergency cases. Existence of staff call system improves hospital status and is often an important  factor in choosing of hospital with the patient’s permanent medical care and safety for the patient which takes the course of treatment in a medical facility.

  • Optimization of interaction between all monitoring and control systems of the building

    The main goals of creating BMS are increasing security, improving comfort and ensuring the effectiveness of resource use. This is a complex task that often has a specific business concept. Result is achieved through a better quality of work life-support systems of the building, reducing the costs of staff. Almost all modern commercial buildings in the world and residential buildings are equipped with BMS.


The company implements intelligent building projects and successfully operating in this area, offering a comprehensive approach for each project:

  • Designing

    Designing is one of the most important steps of construction engineering infrastructure. The necessary range of equipment, as well as the necessary resources for the further implementation of the project, is also defined at the design stage. As a result of project documentation Customer receives detailed budget required for its implementation.

  • Assessment of the project

    One of the most difficult and time-consuming types of expertise, which requires the presence in the expert organization specialized engineers experts with appropriate education and the presence of a serious instrument base is the expertise of engineering systems. The design department of the company “Smart Techno Trading” has all the necessary resources to provide this type of service

  • Installation and commissioning

    “Smart Techno Trading” implement engineering systems on a turnkey basis, performing the entire complex of installation and commissioning works.

  • Staff training: managing and operating

    The rapid development of information technologies requires a constant improvement of knowledge and skills, as well as the permanent information about technological innovations, new solutions from foreign and domestic manufacturers of hardware and software products. Our company provides a full range of training for their customers.

  • Warranty and post-warranty service

    To ensure that your system will work all the time, it is very important to keep it in good working condition. A regular schedule of maintenance and repair will give you a confidence that your system will work every time it is needed, and downtime its work won’t lead to numerous losses.

  • Technical support

    Our team using any type of communication (telephone, e-mail) is ready to help you to solve the problems in 24×7, 5.12, or in another suitable embodiment.

  • Approval of technical solutions with vendors

    Realization of “turnkey” basis projects – a special kind of service that involves receiving the customer is ready, operating facility satisfying all its requirements, ideas and wishes. Depending on customer requirements, we provide a complete supply of equipment directly coordinating specifications with the vendors, providing accurate and unmistakable solutions.

  • Selection of technical equipment in accordance with the regulatory framework and established concept

    Selection of the best technical equipment for your project is one of the main link of  success. Partnerships with many manufacturers allow our experts to obtain accurate information directly from the developer and manufacturer of equipment. So we can offer you the best solution for your projects.

We design systems of various sizes in offices, shopping centers, hotels and luxury residential complexes, as well as at the airports, sports andentertainment centers, logistics centers.

Our staff – highly qualified professionals, trained in Germany and have a great experience in design.