“Smart Techno Trading” – is the company which feels the pulse of research in the areas of professional activity of the company. Innovative development of our experts is not just ahead of their time. They serve as a guide for many market participants. We offer a unique and highly effective products that is in high demand not only in Ukraine but also in CIS markets. Our developments are appreciated by many customers.

  1. Mobile CCTV complex

    Mobile CCTV complex MKTV-2, 4 \ 50 – is easy to use and fast installation system composed CCD camera module and receiver module.

    Ideal for the next application:

    • Police and Army ;
    • Remote monitoring of industrial and agricultural districts;
    • Supervision of the mass of the population shares;
    • Documenting construction processes;
    • Monitoring the world of animals and the environment.


    mobile cctv


  2. Middleware

    Interactive TV provides high quality picture and sound, as well as a variety of interactive features that make watching TV becomes more convenient and fun. Usually used in hotels and allows you to quickly and comprehensively introduce for guests a hotel facilities (bars, restaurants, gyms, spas, etc.), also give access to Internet resources, TV channels and videos that are in the video library hotel.

    Our company offers a complex of self-developed systems for small and medium hotels .