Typically, IP-based network cameras have two audio lines. If so, then the intercom ADI-3.1. can be added to the video surveillance system to turn your IP-based network camera into a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) device that allows you to broadcast both voice and video over the Internet. If the camera already has a tiny speaker and microphone, the ADI-3.1 intercom can be added to make it better and louder with the use of audio inputs and audio outputs provided by the camera. Intercom ADI-3.1. has a microphone, speaker and button located in the panel for secure mounting of painted steel.

The additional sun \ rain shield can be used for surface mounting of the device on walls. For the installation on the poles there is a transitional part, which is part of the device. Input and output connections of intercom ADI-3.1. have linear levels and can be directly connected to the line inputs of the IP camera outputs for the purpose of two-way voice transmission. A built-in 10W amplifier provides enough volume for outdoor use. The microphone sensitivity and speaker volume are adjusted during installation. Built-in cable length correctors allow placement of the ADI-3.1 intercom. at a distance of 50 m from the camera.

Intercom ADI-3.1. has a large and convenient button “INFO \ SOS”, which provides instant activation of the device and transmission of the alarm / call signal to the operator’s monitor.

The button’s illumination by red LED ring permanently highlights the button at night and switches to the flashing mode after pressing the button.

After pressing the button, the device switches to the duplex connection mode of the subscriber with the operator for 2 minutes, then goes into sleep mode. The beginning and end of the communication session is indicated by a buzzer via the speaker. The operator at any time can activate from his computer the continuation of the communication session or turn the device into listening mode. The built-in processor provides suppression of such effects as echo, feedback, whistling and automatically selects the microphone sensitivity depending on the level of external noise.

At the initial installation of the device it is possible to select a mode in which the listening mode can be replaced by the mode of opening the electromagnetic lock, which can be connected to the device.

Intercom ADI-3.1. It is weatherproofed thanks to a protective shield and rubber seals between the parts of the device. External cables can be connected through cable clamps made of stainless steel, which can be connected to the device in both the bottom and back side of device, based on the solution of the technician who is installing.
The device is attached to the wall / column using screw connections located inside the device. The fastening of the top cover is protected by screws with a star-shaped spline.
The device can be powered from a separate 24V DC power supply, or from an original PoE splitter that is installed in the original Avigilon junction box, or in the ADI-3.1 intercom enclosure.


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