Creation of physical protection systems(PPS):

The “Smart Techno-Trading” company is involved in the design and construction of the integrated systems of physical protection systems (PPS), taking into account the specifics and size of the object, given all the necessary hardware, software, engineering and construction requirements. The establishment of such complexes provides thoughtful work of highly qualified specialists in various fields. In the process of creating an integrated set of involved specialists of “Smart Techno-Trading” and related enterprises and institutions to deal with the interaction with other security systems and life support.
The “Smart-Tech Trading” company performs work in accordance with GOST Series 34 (GOST 34.601-90 automated system. Stage of creation) to create automated control of complex integrated physical security systems:

  • Vulnerability analysis of the object;
  • Design;
  • Selection of equipment that meets the customer requirements;
  • Integration of equipment into a single comprehensive security system;
  • Support, repair and maintenance of equipment by the company, part of the overall structure of the integrated security systems.

The company’s specialists on the requirements of customers choose the solution that most fully meets the technical – financial requirements and possibilities of the customer from standard products / solutions bind to a specific object and request a full range of works on creation of PPS project by taking into account the special nuances and wishes of the customer .

PPS provides

  • Operational supervision and control over the situation at the facility;
  • Use existings or the creation of special channels to transmission telemetry data of the site;
  • Programmable automatic reaction of any subsystem integrated set of alarm events in the other subsystem, due to this – reducing the influence of the “human factor”;
  • Event logging with the possibility of further analysis;
  • Accounting of employees working hours;
  • Allocation of rights of access to information; unified view of data on a single operator position.
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